What is an HDMI cable used for?

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What is an HDMI cable used for?

Before getting to know what an HDMI cable is used for, it is important to learn what an HDMI cable is. HDMI stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface”. This is a type of technology not just a cable, designed to transmit uncompressed audio and video signals from one device to another.

Nowadays, in our home we have a television set with the latest technology (LCD, LED or Plasma) and thanks to this cable connection it is possible to transmit, for example, the multimedia data stored in our computer to the TV big screen. In this way, everything we do in the computer will be reflected in the TV screen. We can also connect a laptop to a projector or the videogames console to a PC or laptop using this cable.

The HDMI cable allows us to have a simpler connection, using only one cable, cutting down the cable clutter behind our media center. Did you know that Panasonic, Sony and Toshiba, just to mention some leading brands, promoted the use of this type of cable?